Yvaine (shiningdown) wrote,

][ 18 ((voice))

[When the device clicks on there is some silence muddled by the background noise of the forest at night, albeit a presently uneventful corner of it. Well, sort of. Then there is a breath, not quite a sigh or anything so quickly named, but a sound that can amount to a combination of distaste and upset.]

There ought to be a law of some kind against this.

[A breath, a pause.]

What could anyone have to gain here for killing a unicorn? I understand that there are places, worlds even where the inhabitants must hunt to sustain themselves, but this is not one of those places and this was not a kill made for survival.

You died alone. I'm so sorry. They took your horn. All of this, for that?

...I'm so, so sorry.

And they just left him here.

If this had happened to a person, I understand that there would be investigation.

[But her tone is cold, sharply unforgiving in a way that implies she doubts this will be the case for her silver-maned friend, and underneath that doubt there is disappointment and further down, anger, though parsing these into recognition is almost impossible.]

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